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July 21, 2013: Updated the Feynman Lectures page.

Aug. 26, 2012: Added links to the Cornell Messenger Series lectures on the Leonard Susskind Lectures page.

Modern Physics: An Historical Overview of the Development of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Field Theory, Relativity, and Cosmology
The purpose of this ever-changing page is two-fold. Not only does it place the various advances in modern physics in their proper historical context (at least with respect to one another), but it also includes, where possible, links to the original source documents.

Online Lectures

Richard P. Feynman’s Lectures
A precursor to the lectures upon which QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter was based, these videos are a must-see.

Leonard Susskind’s Online Lectures
Posted online as part of Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Series, these excellent lectures cover everything from classical mechanics to quantum chromodynamics.

Harvard University’s Physics Video Archive
Of particular note are the outstanding lectures by the late Sidney R. Coleman.

Sean Carroll: Cosmology and Particle Physics
A 5-part lecture series delivered at CERN in 2005.

The Mechanical Universe… And Beyond
CalTech’s exquisite series from 1985-86, featuring excerpts of lectures by David Goodstein, historical re-enactments, and innovative computer graphics. Oriented towards college freshmen, but accessible to high school students.

Links, links, and still more links to various physics reference materials. Videos, lecture notes, online books, and more….

Every once in a while, I do something…blogish with this site, and it ends up going here. (Meanwhile, I’m primarily using this site as a sort of wiki due to its \LaTeX support. As it is, I already maintain a personal blog here, and a work blog here, so have at it….

Behold, the world of shameless commerce (or at least an attempt to pay for a few cups of java….)

What website  is complete without a page describing what it is all about?

Topics (works in progress)

  • Mathematical Tools of Physics
    • Dirac “bra-ket” Notation
    • Other Notation conventions
    • Principal of Least Action/Calculus of Variations
    • Symmetry, Conservation Laws, and Noether’s Theorem
    • Group Theory
    • Topology
    • Linear Algebra/Functional Analysis
      • Eigenstates and Eigenvectors
      • Spectral Theorem
    • Tensor Calculus
      • Riemann and Minkowski manifolds
  • Classical Physics
    • Newtonian Mechanics
    • Hamiltonian/Lagrangian Mechanics
    • Maxwellian Electrodynamics/Optics
  • Statistical Mechanics/Thermodynamics
  • Solid State/Condensed Matter Physics
  • Quantum Mechanics
    • The 6 Formulations of Quantum Mechanics
      A basic overview of the various forms of quantum theory.
    • A Brief History of Quantum Theory
    • Experimental Basis of Quantum Theory
    • The Fundamentals of Quantum Theory
    • Wave Quantum Mechanics (The Schrödinger Picture)
    • Matrix Quantum Mechanics (The Heisenberg Picture)
    • Quantum Field Theory
    • Quantum Gravity
      • Loop Quantum Gravity
      • String Theory/M-Theory
  • Gauge Theory
    • Classical Electrodynamics as a Gauge Theory
    • Electroweak Theory
    • Yang-Mills Theory and the Mass Gap
    • The Higgs Mechanism
    • Lattice Gauge Theories
  • Relativity
    • Special Relativity
    • General Relativity
  • Cosmology
    • Big Bang Theory
    • Inflation
    • The Flatness Problem
    • The Horizon Problem
    • Dark Matter
    • Dark Energy
  • The Standard Model and Efforts at Grand Unification
  • Baryogenesis and CP Violations

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