Feynman Lectures

In addition to his remarkable accomplishments in developing QED, Richard Feynman was widely noted for his skills as a teacher, both in terms of explaining physics to students, colleagues,  and to the general public at large, a reputation which became firmly entrenched with the publication of the three volume Feynman Lectures on Physics. Some of the simpler lectures from that collection have also been published separately as Six Easy Pieces and its follow-up, Six Not-So-Easy Pieces.

Here is a series of lectures entitled “Today’s Answers to Newton’s Queries About Light” given by the late, great Richard Feynman at the University of Auckland in 1979. Much of the content appears to be identical to that of the lectures delivered at UCLA in 1983 which formed the basis of his book, QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.

And here are Feynman’s 1964 Messenger Lectures at Cornell University, entitled “The Character of Physical Law.” These lectures formed the basis of yet another book.

Further Feynman resources:


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