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The Higgs Boson: Backed Into A Corner

(See the sidebar below for background info on the Higgs boson.) Hadron Collider Physics Syposium 2011 was held in Paris Nov. 14 through Nov. 18.  At that meeting, the results of a preliminary analysis of CMS and ATLAS combined data sets was … Continue reading

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

Did famed American astronomer Edwin Hubble (or someone acting upon his behalf) conspire to deprive another astronomer of credit for a major discovery? Recent scholarship suggests not. In 1927, Monsignor George Lemaître published an article1 in a little-known Belgian journal, Annals … Continue reading

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The members of the OPERA collaboration have taken to heart one of the primary criticisms leveled at their experimental method: the possibility that the particle bunches used might be so long as to introduce sampling errors in their timing measurements. … Continue reading

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A Hint of Physics Beyond the Standard Model: CP Violation Possibly Detected in Charmed Meson Decays

The physics blogosphere has been on fire1,2,3,4,5,6.7 regarding new results announced yesterday by the LHC‘s LHCb team.8  The collaboration have announced a 3.5 sigma signal indicating possible CP violations in the decay of charmed mesons, a signal not predicted by the … Continue reading

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