About Me

After high school, I attended Texas Tech and received a BS in Physics with a minor in Mathematics.  I attended grad school for a year at the University of Houston before withdrawing (with serious academic burnout and being up to my eyeballs in debt, not to mention not really liking Houston).  I moved to the Austin area to seek full-time employment.  I’ve been working at UT Austin since 1995. I currently reside in the Austin suburb of Leander.

I’m currently working as a Senior Systems Administrator, primarily administering Exchange servers, at the University of Texas at Austin, and hold the MCSE-Messaging certification.

Hobby-wise, I’m in the midst of refitting a 24′ Piver-Nugget trimaran, a three-hulled homebuilt sailing vessel about as old as I am. I’m also knee-deep into genealogy, and serve on the Board of Trustees of the Pace Society of America, an organization devoted to researching one of my ancestral surnames that dates back to Colonial Jamestown prior to 1620. (One of my ancestors, Richard Pace, actually played a role in saving Jamestown from an Indian attack in 1622.)

Along the way, I’ve also worked as a performer at several Renaissance festivals, including a decade-long stint at the Texas Renaissance Festival, as well as a brief turn as Entertainment Director at the short-lived Excalibur Fantasy Faire.

About This Site

As for this site, it originally started out as a place for me to tinker with the LaTeX support built-in to WordPress. Now it serves as a repository of notes and links as I endeavor to shake out two decades of cobwebs from my mind and reconnect to the world of physics. I view it as self-study curriculum for theoretical physics (undertaken in the hope of an eventual, long-overdue return to grad school), through which I am attempting to review topics to which I have already been exposed, as well as venturing into more advanced topics which I have not yet encountered in my academic career. Hopefully, along the way, it will be of benefit to others with similar interests.

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