Leonard Susskind’s Online Lectures

Stanford University has posted an extensive collection of academic lectures online as part of their Continuing Studies Series. Here is a selection of links to lectures by Leonard Susskind, one of the fathers of String Theory. As I continue watching them, I shall flesh out this list and annotate it appropriately.

(I should note that Professor Susskind has put up a blog at http://susskindsblogphysicsforeveryone.blogspot.com/ where he invites individuals to post questions about his lectures. These lectures are also listed, with both YouTube and iTunes links provided, on Susskind’s Wikipedia bio.)


1st Series: Modern Physics: Classical Mechanics

Prerequisite for the series on Quantum Mechanics: Quantum Entanglements

2nd Series: Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics

3rd Series: Modern Physics: Special Relativity

4th Series: Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: Basic Concepts

Modern Physics: Statistical Mechanics

5th Series: Modern Physics: Cosmology

New Revolutions in Particle Physics: Standard Model

String Theory and M-Theory

Course | Topics in String Theory

Course | Classical Mechanics (Fall 2011)

Course | The Theoretical Minimum: Quantum Mechanics

Special Relativity

Particle Physics 3: Supersymmetry & Grand Unification

General Relativity


Statistical Mechanics

Miscellaneous Lectures


18 Responses to Leonard Susskind’s Online Lectures

  1. Bart Alder says:

    Hey thanks.

    Great job. This is exactly the information I was chasing, namely what is covered in which lecture.

  2. darbehdar says:

    Thanks very much for sharing your comments on Prof. Susskind’s
    lectures with everyone.

    a.) Is the sequence in which these topics have been listed by a suggested
    order for theses lectures?

    b.) Do you have more information on where the Part2 of Quantum
    Entanglements is to be found?

  3. glenmartin says:

    I’ve listed the lectures in the order in which they were presented, except for the Quantum Entanglements lectures, which I have placed immediately before the QM lectures as they are listed as prerequisites for the QM course, and it seemed more natural to list the Classical Mechanics lectures first.

    Alas, I have never found videos for the 2nd part of the Quantum Entanglements series. Some comments on the YouTube site for some of the others lead me to believe that something went wrong with the recordings, but I have found no definitive information.

    • darbehdar says:

      Thanks for your reply,

      I kind of have an inkling that something went awry recording
      the Part2 of Quantum Entanglements.

      Nevertheless there is a good deal of material to watch and learn
      from anyway.

      Many thanks once more

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  5. Michael says:

    Dear Prof.Susskind, thank you for your video lectures online, many of the contents you taught are deep, impressive and thought-provoking, and I learened a lot from them, thank you very much!

    One question, however, is that I cannot follow you sometimes because I missed some words in your lectures, which cannot be heared loudly and clearly. So, excuse me for my abrupt questions, could you find some volunteer to subtitle the videos, which may increasingly expand the influence in non-native English speaking countries.
    Thanks once more.

    Best regards!

    • While I’m sure Professor Susskind would appreciate your kind comments, it is unlikely that he will see it. This site is not affiliated with him or Stanford University, and I provided these links as a matter of convenience.

      I agree that transcripts would be helpful.

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  9. Domenico Giusti says:

    What happened to: ◾Quantum Entanglements, Part 2 (unavailable)

    • As I mentioned in response to an earlier comment on this, some comments on the YouTube site for some of the other videos lead me to believe that something went wrong with the recordings, but I have found no definitive information.

      • Domenico Giusti says:

        Is there a way that you may suggest to obtain the missing lectures?

      • As far as I can tell, either recordings don’t exist, or are of problematic quality so that they haven’t been posted. However, I have no direct knowledge of the situation regarding this, so I can only speculate on the matter.

        Susskind has been repeating the core sequence of lectures, so it is possible that he might at some point repeat that particular batch.

  10. Domenico Giusti says:

    Thank you Very much. Much appreciate!

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