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LIGO Does It Again!

Hot on the heels of the LIGO founders being awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics, the LIGO/VIRGO collaboration, in conjunction with the ESO, have struck gold again. After four detections of gravitational waves from black hole-black hole collisions, LIGO … Continue reading

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Catching the Wave: LIGO Validates GR’s Last Big Prediction

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have detected gravitational waves. We did it!” – David Reitze, Executive Director of LIGO [Updated February 14 and 21, 2016 to include additional links and references. Original posting on February 11, 2016.] Last year, I wrote … Continue reading

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Closing Out the UNESCO International Year of Light

Between being the centenary of general relativity, the 110th anniversary of special relativity, and the 150th anniversary of the introduction of Maxwell’s equations, it is not at all surprising that UNESCO designated 2015 as the International Year of Light and … Continue reading

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A Century of General Relativity

On November 25 2015, Albert Einstein submitted a paper to the Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin presenting to the world, for the first time, the final form of his field equations relating the curvature of spacetime to the energy and momentum … Continue reading

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A Nobel for the Study of Nature’s Poltergeists

My updates to this blog have been quite sporadic of late, as life has been having a tendency of getting in the way.  However, I could not let this week go by without noting this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics, … Continue reading

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For Women’s History Month: The Heroines of STEM

This last Sunday, March 8, 2015, was International Women’s Day. As I watched posts fill my social media feeds highlighting the accomplishments of numerous women who have left their mark on our civilization, I couldn’t help but want to put … Continue reading

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50th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Higgs Revolution

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first in a series of articles introducing the world to the Higgs/Englert/Brout/Guralnik/Hagen/Kibble mechanism (or what everyone tends to call the Higgs mechanism because, well, it is much shorter).  This mechanism … Continue reading

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