The Unapologetic Mathematician Tackles the Higgs Mechanism

John Armstrong has posted an outstanding 4-part article describing how the Higgs mechanism actually works. But this isn’t the usual pop-sci/lame metaphor approach. No sir, he tackles the mathematics, covering the basics of Lagrangians, gauge theory, and symmetry-breaking. I’m rather astonished that he was able to cover the high-points of some of the most important aspects of modern physics in such a brief treatment.


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MCSE-Messaging. Exchange Administrator at the University of Texas at Austin. Unrepentant armchair physicist.
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2 Responses to The Unapologetic Mathematician Tackles the Higgs Mechanism

  1. ron baskin says:

    The series of articles described here is 100% OK as is this short intro. Much appreciated

    BUT . . I have an associated problem. I should like to print this intro together with the right hand sidebar, which is very useful. But my print preview shows that only the main section will print, the sidebar being cut off. Is this the way you have set your system up, is it my printer or print driver, or what? This happens with some but not all Wikipedia articles too

    Do you have any ideas which can help me overcome this problem – I am operating under Windows XP with a Lexmark printer

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