New CP Violation Results!

Back in November, I posted about results from the LHCb experiment indicating CP violations neutral D charmed meson decays. As it turns out, researchers on the CDF team at Fermilab have been pouring over data collected from the now-defunct Tevatron and are now announcing that their data supports the LHCb results, with the combined data pushing the potential discovery to a confidence of 3.8 sigmas. The Résonaances blog and Matt Strassler have more about this.

But wait, there’s more. LHCb is reporting more CP violations, this time with Bs mesons. Tommaso Dorigo has more on this.

Still confused about CP violations? Have a look at this excellent overview by Carl Brannen over on Tommaso’s blog.


About Glen Mark Martin

MCSE-Messaging. Exchange Administrator at the University of Texas at Austin. Unrepentant armchair physicist.
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