Preliminary Results from XENON100? No WIMPs here!

Lurking beneath Gran Sasso mountain in Italy is a plastic vat containing 62 kg of liquid xenon lined with 178 photomultiplier tubes designed to detect the signature of Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs), a leading candidate for Dark Matter. This is the XENON100 Dark Matter Project, and a preprint of a paper announcing initial results has appeared on The preliminary result? Zilch!

Dark Matter Results from 100 Live Days of XENON100 Data.
By XENON100 Collaboration (et al.). Apr 2011. 5pp.
e-Print: arXiv:1104.2549 [astro-ph.CO]


About Glen Mark Martin

MCSE-Messaging. Exchange Administrator at the University of Texas at Austin. Unrepentant armchair physicist.
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